Elder Kevin Pearson

Elder Kevin Pearson

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oct 18 2011

One of the nights we decided that we wanted to share a missionary message with our Bishop and his family. We headed over there for a dinner appointment and the whole time we ate, we shared some of the cool missionary experiences that we had had so far that week. We could tell that sharing those stories brought the spirit stronger into the room. Each Of the family members started to share some of the experiences that they had had that week as well. After dinner we moved into the living room and started to share a message about missionary work. We promised them that tonight the spirit was going to bring some of their friends to mind, and that those friends were the ones that were prepared to receive the gospel. After the message, we asked who came to mind? Ben, their 9 year old son was the first to raise his hand... "at school we had a reading assignment where if we completed a certain amount of book we could watch a movie and have a party. I'm the only one that finished. So I think its going to be just me and my teacher in the room tomorrow. I want to share a Book of Mormon with her!"... 9 years old!?!? The spirit just flooded into the room as he shared what the spirit brought to his mind. Next his younger brother, Josh, shared someone he wanted to share the gospel with too! Then one by one each of the kids were so excited to tell who they wanted to share the gospel with and exactly how they wanted to do it. I looked over at their parents and you could tell how proud, humbled, and grateful they were for their kids examples. The spirit was so strong in the room and Bishop stood up and said "Lets go into my office and write all of these names down" We went to the next room. As they wrote down each of their friends names and a goal next to them, they then set a goal on when they wanted to accomplish them. They all started to get so excited. We knelt down together as a family and told Heavenly Father their plans and asked for help.
It was one o the coolest experiences on my mission. I know that the Lord really does put people all around us that we can and should share the gospel with. All we have to do is open our mouths and find out who it is.
A little later in the week we were referred to a less active part member family. We stopped by to visit them and see if they were interested. Turned out they had a 19yr old son that has really been seeking the truth! We have been teaching him in some of the other members home and in one of our lessons we invited him to be baptized. He paused for a moment and then looked up "I have always wanted to be baptized. I would always ask my parents ever since I was 7yrs old." We set a date for him to be baptized a couple weeks later.
Last night we went over to some of the members home to have a cottage meeting with two of our investigators. We talked about the doctrine of Christ and picked out different doctrines from each verse. At the end of the lesson we asked them all to pause and think. We said the spirit is going to tell you something that you need to do to come close to Christ....After a good long paused we asked what they needed to do? "I need to quit smoking" one said (and we never talked about anything that had to do with the word of wisdom!) and the other set a date to be baptized!
I am so grateful for the spirit. I know that He will lift, and over come all the obstacles that our in our way. If we are worthy of the spirit he will do the heavy lifting in our lives.
We are having so many blessings every single day! I love this work! and I love all of you.
Elder Pearson

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